Out With The Old, In With New! It’s Not Enough To Eliminate, We Must Also Replace.

Out with the old in with the new

Reflections on Bob Litwin’s new book, Live the Best Story of Your Life and his thoughts on the stories we chose to believe in.

I recently interviewed Bob Litwin for an upcoming episode of the show. Bob is not only the author of Live the Best Story of Your Life, but is an amazing, generous, and humble man. A true inspiration. I learned so much from him, both from the interview and our conversation afterwards.

While reading his book this morning, a section of chapter 14 really grabbed a hold of me. “Out of all the thoughts that come our way, why choose the Old Story? Once we know the thought was a choice, we can let it go and allow it to dissipate, and then send the New Story thoughts into the void that’s left.”

I couldn’t help but being reminded of the parable told by Jesus (Matthew 12:43-45, Luke 11:24-26). About the unclean spirit having gone of a man, returns to his “home” to find the place swept clean, yet unoccupied; he makes the man’s condition worse than the previous time. It is not merely enough to eliminating the negative. One must also replace it with positive attitudes and actions. This is what makes the difference.

Also, part of my conversation with Bob was, I know what to do. I’ve read all the books, everything from the Bible to the latest self-help book; yet I was still frustrated. I realized this morning I have been so focused on the negative, its behavior, how it works within our brains, and the destructive effects on our lives, that I haven’t taken the time to apply the next step; which was to actively replace them with positive thoughts. But awareness is always the first step toward change, and that is to be celebrated!

I am not one who pushes a point-of-view onto people. I tend to follow Jesus’ philosophy of simply stating your truth and “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet”.  – Matthew 10:14. However, I feel compelled to do so regarding Bob’s book. As mentioned before, I’ve read them all; but Bob’s book is somewhat special. Perhaps it because of my conversation with Bob, or his simple and humble presentation of his method. All I know in my gut is that this is a game-changing book. I highly-recommend you read it for yourself and begin to Live the Best Story of Your Life. You can order Bob’s book at www.boblitwin.com


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