Denise Jacobs teaches how to banish your inner critic

Speaker, Author and Creativity Evangelist

Denise Jacobs

Are you really hard on yourself and not reaching your goals? Denise Jacobs teaches us how to banish your inner critic. Click now to listen in and learn how.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, author and creativity evangelist Denise Jacobs talks about how banish your inner critic and unleash your creativity. Listen into this conversation and you will learn:

  • How does the inner-critic show up?
  • What are the different “voices” of the inner-critic?
  • Techniques to specifically deal with each of the different voices.
  • How to unleash your creativity.

Denise Jacobs is a passionate, high-energy, and thought-provoking Speaker, Author and Creativity Evangelist, who increases employee productivity and engagement through evangelizing leading-edge techniques for busting through creative blocks in order help individuals to be their brilliance, cultivate collaboration, and develop leadership skills.

Through speaking, writing, training, and her consulting company, The Creative Dose, Denise helps companies to create real-world results where individuals and teams work better, produce more, and skyrocket their company’s success.

She is also the author of Banish Your Inner Critic, which helps the reader to identity and eliminate their mental blocks and unleash their creativity.

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