David Markovich talks about the fear of failure

Founder of Online Geniuses and Jumping Squirrel

David Markovich

Has the fear of failure stopped you from reaching your goals? David Markovich shares his thoughts about the fear of failure and what he does to face it. Click now to listen in and learn more.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, founder of Online Geniuses and Jumping Squirrel, David Markovich talks about facing his fears of failure. Listen into this conversation and you will learn:

  • Don’t let fear control your focus.
  • Fear can be used as fuel to drive you forward.
  • Don’t battle with your fears, it wastes your time.

With a marketing background as a direct consultant for some of the largest brands, including Google, Comedy Central and more, David founded the internet marketing community, Online Geniuses, which boasts 20,000+ members.

OG hosts events in more than 25 cities and features a Slack community with guests like Gary Vee, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and many more.

He also founded performance-based PR firm Jumping Squirrel.

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