Connie Bowman teaches us how to be happy and whole

Podcaster and Author of Back to Happy

Connie Bowman

Finding it hard to be happy and content with your life? Connie Bowman shares with us some truths about what a “happy life” really means. Click now to listen in and learn more.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, author of Back to Happy, Connie Bowman talks about what happiness really is and how we can live happy and whole lives. Listen into this conversation and you will learn:

  • What happiness really is.
  • How to find balance in body, mind and spirit.
  • People with a spiritual practice are happier people.

Connie Bowman is an actress who has appeared in films like Grease, Syriana, and Geographically Desirable, Nothing to Do and television shows like The Wire and Veep.

As a voice-over talent, on-camera host and actress, her down-to-earth sophistication is unmistakable.

Through her widely followed podcast Happy Healthy You!, she offers advice and inspiration for living a whole life in our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Connie’s book Back to Happy is another way she’s spreading the word of hope, empowerment and strength.

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