Cary Williams talks about her fear of not succeeding

Olympic Level Boxing Coach and Founder of Too Pretty

Cary Williams

Does fear have afraid to start something new? Cary Williams share what she does to face the fear of failure. Click now to listen in and learn how.

In this episode of FEAR NOT Olympic boxing coach founder of Too Pretty, Cary Williams talks about how she handles the fear of failure. Listen into this conversation and you will learn:

  • If it fails, it fails; you can only do so much.
  • Face your fear and do what you can do.
  • Focus on all of the amazing things already in your life.
  • Fear won’t kill you, so just do it!

Cary Williams is an Olympic level boxing coach. She is also the founder of the Too Pretty brand, which is a unique brand created for girls and women who are tough enough to “play hard” while still embracing their femininity!

Cary has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX as well as in national publications such as Shape, Energy, Fitness, Entrepreneur, Inc., FHM, USA Today and The New York Times. She has even graced the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS and appeared on the popular NBC show, Fear Factor as well as on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, Cesar 911 and is currently filming for the A&E show Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit.

In the boxing world, Cary boxed competitively in the amateurs and won the Pacific Northwest Women’s Tournament before hanging up her gloves. She is now a Level IV Olympic Level Boxing Coach with USA Boxing.

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