Brunhild Hofmann teaches us how to shift our perception of fear

Author of Everyday PSYCH-K: From I Can't to I Can.

Brunhild Hofmann

Are you viewing fear the wrong way? Brunhild Hofmann shares with us ways we can change our perception of fear. Click to listen in and learn how.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, PSYCH-K coach Brunhild Hofmann teaches us what she has learned about seeing fear through PSYCH-K. Listen into this conversation and you will learn:

  • Are you fears based in reality, or coming from anxiety?
  • The Subconscious is responsible for 95% of our perceptions in life.
  • What is PSYCH-K, and how can it help to change your perceptions.

Brunhild Hofmann, was curious and inquisitive as a teenager. She wanted to know what life was; what is its essence. She looked for these findings in natural sciences and studied biology, earning a diploma in Biochemistry.

Even during her studies, she realized that the answer to the question of what life is, is not just to be found in science. The pursuit of humanities and physical consciousness merge with background biochemistry, into the basic principles on which she works as a coach.

Her 20 years of work as a trainer and as well as a consultant have resulted in inspirational experiences.

In 2007, she was certified as a PSYCH-K Instructor by Rob Williams. Since then her professional work has focused on instructing others in PSYCH-K and on life coaching using PSYCH-K methods, which bring in line what the heart feels, what the mind thinks and what the hand is doing.

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