Billy J. Atwell and FEAR NOT Podcast


Hey everybody, Billy J. Atwell here, the founder and host of the FEAR NOT Podcast, where 3x times a week I interview individuals and neuroscientists to inspire YOU to live a life beyond your fears.

Fear is part of everybody’s journey, and on Monday’s and Wednesday’s episodes of FEAR NOT, my guests share one of their biggest fears they’ve  had to face and what they did to overcome it. On Friday’s episodes, I interview neuroscientists and other specialists, to discuss what fear is, how it affects our brains, and what we can do to override it. Every episode is full of wisdom and examples to inspire you to face fear in an effort to become YOUR truest self and to obtain YOUR deepest held hopes and dreams.

FEAR NOT has featured amazing guests such as Dr. Andrew Newberg, Debra Fine, Kim Walsh-Phillips, Dr. John Arden, and Mark R. Waldman.

My Journey

I never dreamed of being a podcaster, but it is the result of my own personal journey of both studying and facing fear.

My journey began the day my 14-year marriage ended, with an email (my spouse had been secretly building another life for over a year and I guess that day was when they decided to move into together). Needless to say, I was left a little bit more than deflated; the world simply didn’t make any sense.

It was years later, with not much changed in my deposition toward life, that a copy of Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind was given to me. This was, though I didn’t realize it at the time, the turning point in how I see myself, not living in the past and face my fears. I had never heard that my thoughts controlled the outcomes of my life and that I can control my thoughts. I became obsessed and from there my natural inclination to read and seek knowledge about fear. I began studying the teachings of Christ and Buddha, as well as reading the books of Claude M. Bristol, Joseph Campbell, Francis P. Martin, Brené Brown, and putting into practice their methods and lessons, once I found the common thread, and discovered for myself the truths they all held.

Podcasting came about, when two years ago that my path crossed with a chance meeting with Susan Berkley of The Great Voice Company. It was under her personal mentorship and training that I began my journey as a voice over artist in the medical education field, and the idea of creating educational podcasts for the company I had been working for came about. I loved the idea of not having to do auditions, submit demos, etc…but when the podcasts I developed were met with resistance I became frustrated and realized that I simply needed to create podcast series of my own and on a subject in which I am truly passionate about – overcoming fear.

It is my genuine hope and desire that you, too, will discover your own truths through the FEAR NOT Podcast – it is my goal to provide as much value and information as possible to help you do so.

I would like to personally thank Holly Emanuelson, Susan Berkley, Andrew Gallant and Jeff Brown, whose faith and encouragement (and a lot of patience) in me, have help me to make this podcast possible!

My Inspiration/Role Models









The two biggest inspirations and role models in my life and identity, are Christ and Buddha. Their simplicity in message is often, in my opinion, over-looking in favor of dogma and religion, especially in regards to Christianity. It’s shame, as both delivered to us the keys to freedom, and most people, when given those keys, have a tendency to worship the keys instead of actually using the keys – they miss the point entirely; never leaving their prisons of fear. That is one of the main reasons of why I started the FEAR NOT Podcast, an attempt to make sure people have access to those keys and obtain freedom from fear for themselves. One of personal favorite keys is John 14:27.

Another one of my role models is Mahatma Gandhi. I know everyone lists him as an inspiration, wears images of him on their t-shirts, sips their coffee from mugs with his quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” , and yet we live in a world as if he never existed. Yet another key that gets overlooked. I have my own thoughts on this, mainly that the call for personal sacrifice, letting go of comfort of fear, uncertainty and hatred are things that people are not willing to do – it much easier to blame others than to accept personal responsibility for one’s thoughts and action.

The Living Beyond Your Fears Staff

Ainna Ferrer

Ainna Ferrer – Personal Assistant to Billy J. Atwell

Ainna came on board February 2017, and has since taken over all aspects of assisting the guests with their appearance on the FEAR NOT Podcast. When not working with the show’s guests, Ainna loves to visit the beach, read books and spend time with her family.

To be a guest on the show, contact Ainna at ainna@livingbeyondyourfears.com