“How do I get to the other-side of my goals?”

seeing it through

We all want and desire things, whether improvements in our lives for the fulfillment of our dreams and goals, right? But getting to that point is hard, and most people give up. Why?

The reason why is most people lack the confidence, patience and faith to see them through all of the obstacles and fears that try to get us to give up on ourselves, our dreams, even others.

So how do you gain confidence, patience and faith? By standing up to the very fears that would see you give up. It is only by going through do you find the very things that will help you through. Ironic? Yes; but none-the-less true.

The more you never give up to those fears and go through, the more you find your self-confidence. The more you find your self-confidence, the more you realize that you have the God-given power and ability to achieve any of your goals. That realization will be a counter to your old way of thinking and how you approach things. You will no longer think that your life is shaped and controlled by what people think of you, how much money you do or do not have, or what crisis the world is in the midst of. When you finally find your self-confidence, it will always be there, helping you to step out and forward into the new and unknown situations, and take those actions which are required to reach your goals.

What is it that you really want and may have given up on? Start again, and when the obstacles and the voice of fear comes your way, simply stand firm, even shout out aloud “I am NOT going to give up this time” and earn that victory. It change your life and help you move forward toward the fulfillment of your dreams and goals.

Remember, it’s all waiting there for you, so how bad do you want it?!


Be well and peaceful everybody!

Billy Atwell


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