“The Rate Of Change Depends ENTIRELY On You!”


We are all anxious to improve our circumstances, change our surrounding environments, reach our goals, but few ever do. Why?

The reason is simple, and it our lack of proper interaction with the law of motion, momentum, and cause and effect.

What do I mean by that? We all want everything around us to change, make more money, have a better life, accomplish our goals, but most want all these things WITHOUT having to make an effort, change/improve themselves or move in the direction that will place them in alignment with what they are wishing for. It’s called laziness, plain and simple.

Even for those of us who are making an effort and understand that it is only by improving ourselves that we see change in our lives, can still work against the natural laws of this world. We can slow progress and arrival of our outcomes down, by creating resistance.

How so? Maybe we are holding onto negative thought patterns, bad habits, or even engaging with people whom we know are not good for us. All of these things, whatever they may be, create drag and reduces our momentum, our velocity. A good analogy would be to think of an ice skater. When a skater is in a rotational spin with their arms extended, this creates a larger radius of resistance, thus a slower speed. When the skater pulls in their arms, they reduce the radius/resistance and thus increase their speed.

The take away? If you truly want those changes in your life, whatever they maybe, you MUST reduce your resistance, by eliminating anything thing that will drag you down. I think we all know what these things are, but we typically we are unwilling to make those sacrifices in ourselves and in our choices, including myself. Take a step in the right direction today to increase your velocity, eliminate one thing in your life that is slowing you down!


Be well and peaceful everybody!

Billy Atwell

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