“How Do I Know What Choice Is Right For Me?”

Which One!

Life is nothing more than an unending flow of choices. Everything we are in this moment has been created by our choices. Every second we are making choices (whether we are conscious about it or not) about what we think about ourselves and others, what food to eat, whether to exercise or not.

We even make choices about whether or not we are going to take those actions which will take us to the fulfillment of our goals. These choices are probably the most important ones we have to face, and we all, at one time or another, have chosen not to take action in the right direction. Rather we have made choices of procrastination, laziness, indifference, fear, insecurity, etc…and then wonder why our lives never change, but rather keep going round in circles.

One of the worst things we can do is to spend lengthy amounts of time thinking about what direction to head in, or which action to take. While it is good to briefly think about our choices, there comes a moment when thought becomes an excuse for indecision, and this is what must be avoided. You must simply chose and move forward, because even if you know the direction in which you want to go, you will never fully know what lies ahead. The important thing is to move in the direction of your choice and face all of the obstacles and challenges that come your way, knowing that all paths have their own set of experiences – nobody avoids challenges, opposition, the facing of fear. Successful people are the ones who not only set off in the direction of their choice, but stay on their course when the difficulties of life come their way; they never give up!

So, don’t get caught up in the trap of “which choice do I need to make, what direction do I need to head in”, you know, deep down, what is right for you. Proceed with confidence, knowing what you are wanting from life, knowing that you can surmount all of the challenges you will face, and knowing you will get to your to the realization of your goals and dreams!

As overused as it may be, the expression, “Life is a journey” rings true. So if you are stuck in indecision, take action and make a choice today; move forward in your choice of direction!


Be well and peaceful everybody,

Billy Atwell

“DON’T Let It Drag You Down!”

don't let it drag you down

Ever been in a situation where everything seems to be against you? You’ve been working hard to improve you life, to reach your goals, but all of a sudden things seem to shut down around you, jeopardizing everything?

I am going through that right now.

Over the past four months, I have been putting in the work to improve my podcast show, writing my first book, creating a series of mediation courses, and developing a video series to help develop ones’ self confidence. So you’re probably saying, how’s is that not working out for you?!

Well, my employer (whom I have worked for the past 20 years), has had difficulties in getting their grants through the door, thus has not been able to pay me the last five paychecks, and now they’re not returning emails; I have had to use up my savings just to survive. And without money, how can I have my book published, or purchase the necessary tools to launch my new products? When I needed someone to talk to, none of my friends have returned my calls or texts. Everything seems to be ripe for collapsing, for being lost. It’s been a lot to deal with all on my own.

So what are you suppose to do in situations like this?

For me, I rely heavily on my faith in the Divine. I counter those moments of panic and fear, with thoughts that these blessings and opportunities, and all of the opening of doors to the right people would not have come to me, just be cruelly taken away. That’s not how God works. The fact that my friends have detached themselves from me, makes me dig deeper within myself to find the strength to keep myself motivated and encouraged.

Is is easy? Of course not! Does the weight of all of this make me weary? Yes, it does! The tests in life that come to us never are easy. But if we can remind ourselves that these is part of the journey when we reach for our goals, if we can stand firm and endure without retreat, we WILL come through the other side and come into a new level of greatness and experience. We WILL be the better for it.

Whatever you maybe going through right now, I encourage you to stay strong, stay focus; don’t let the howling winds of despair and fear drag you down and convince you to give up.


Be well and peaceful everybody!

Billy Atwell

“Who Does This Guy Think He Is?!”


The deadline to submit the draft for my first book to my editor is fast approaching. With it has come a barrage of not only panic, but thoughts of doubt. Self-doubt to be specific.

While I am not giving into to those thoughts, I do find it curious (and a bit annoying) that these thoughts are trying to convince me that I am a fraud and an imposture (“What do you know about overcoming fear and building self-confidence?!” or “Why would anybody listen to you?!!”). That I am simply not what I think I am. I can also actually feel my body wanting to give up, to go do something else; specifically, old, destructive behaviors!

I am sure you have all had moments like this too, right? Of course you have. Everybody does. And this is the moment that separates people into either the “Successful” or “Unsuccessful” pile; whether we listen to those thoughts of doubt, or push through to the end. NOTE: I want to clearly define what I mean by “successful”, because success doesn’t mean (at least only mean) making money, being famous, having over a million followers on Twitter. Success is the fulfillment/accomplishment of a goal or dream that is important to you, which could simply be planting that vegetable garden you’ve always dreamed about. YOU are the only one that can define what success is for you; nobody else, so never forget that!

These negative, doubtful thoughts will always come to us. The key is to become of aware of them and what they are trying to do – which is sabotage you and your efforts. Once you are aware of what is going on, you can reclaim control over yourself, and keep yourself on course. Very much like a Captain maintaining control of the helm, during a tumultuous storm, determined to reach his destination.

Remember: You have access to unlimited power and abilities, given to you by Divine provenance. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (even yourself!)


Be well and peaceful everybody!

Billy Atwell