Lisa Baird Panos talks about overcoming those thoughts of “why I cannot do it.”

Life Coach and Author of Big Girl Pants

Lisa Baird Panos

Do you make excuses of why can’t reach your goals? Author Lisa Baird Panos shares her story of overcoming her fearful thoughts of “I can’t.” Listen in now.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, Life Coach and Author of Big Girl Pants Lisa Baird Panos talks about overcoming her fearful thoughts and excuses of why she cannot pursue her dreams. Listen into this honest conversation and you will learn:

  • Changing your mindset is key to your success.
  • How to move beyond your excuses.
  • To break down your fears, one-by-one, and question each one’s validity.

Lisa Baird Panos is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. She empowers people to create what they crave by helping them rewrite old, untrue stories they tell themselves and transform them into soul-on-fire, inspirational narratives.

By helping both men and women break the “Dead End Cycle” of Dream-Excuse-Dream, Lisa uncovers what has kept them stuck and unhappy in their lives. In addition, she nudges them towards truly listening to their intuition and not their excuses.

Her fresh approach and irreverent style – along with her belief that nothing is impossible – has inspired countless people to redesign and live more meaningful, energizing, and fulfilling lives.

Lisa is now sharing all her secrets. Lesson learned due to navigating her own way through the hardships of parenting, divorce, entrepreneurship, blended families, and more.

Lisa also recently released her first book, Big Girl Pants. 

Furthermore, she is currently speaking to a variety of audiences, and leading small group workshops. Additionally, she is conducting one-on-one coaching sessions with clients across the country.

Finally, Lisa is the mother of two daughters, and currently lives in her hometown of Upper Arlington, Ohio.

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