Joanna Jast Talks about her fear of being judged and rejected

Author of Laser-Sharp Focus and Founder of the ShapeShifters Club

Joanna Jast

Are you afraid of what others think of you? Author Joanna Jast shares with us her fear of being judged and rejected. Listen in now.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, Joanna Jast shares how she overcomes her fear of being judged and rejected by others. Listen into the this exchange and you will learn:

  • Fear is in direct opposition to what you really love.
  • The payoff of doing what you enjoy is bigger than the emotion cost of fears.
  • That you can change the cycle of thoughts affecting your feelings, your feelings affecting your behavior, your behavior affecting your thoughts.

Joanna Jast is a writer, entrepreneur and self-appointed human nature expert.  She dreams of inventing a direct brain-computer interface one day so she can just download knowledge and update her behavior software in seconds. In the meantime, she  is working on improving the existing ways of learning and adapting to change.  As a result, she helps career changers, entrepreneurs and freelancers accelerate their success in the new environment.

Joanna is also the author of Laser-Sharp Focus. Grab a copy of her Laser-Sharp Focus Quick Action Guide and start improving your focus today.

Joanna created ShapeShifters Club out of being tired of wishy-washy, padded self-help guides, heavy on marketing and light on evidence. Her goal is to help people improve through personal development and self-improvement. She shares with all of her own experiences and shortcuts. As well as up-to-date knowledge, tips and tricks backed by science.

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One thought on “Joanna Jast Talks about her fear of being judged and rejected

  1. Very brave to talk about those private fears in public. It shows great courage!


    PS – her books are great too!