“You Are ALREADY Holding The Golden Key”

The Golden Key

Are you always seeking the solution to your problems; searching through book after book, program after program, but never finding the answers?


Seeking for the answers to our problems, outside of ourselves, is the mistake most people make; I know I use to.

The truth is, everything you need is already within yourself; you are already complete.

Whenever you have difficulties and need answers, turn to prayer and meditation; it is ‘The Golden Key’ that opens the door to the Divine, giving you access to all wisdom and knowledge.

So how do you pray or meditate? Well, it isn’t, “Praise Jesus, OOHHHHH I feel the Spirit!”; that all just show. Prayer and meditation is simply shifting your thoughts from your problem to thoughts of God. Remember, what you focus on expands, so if you only think about your problem, that is all your going to see. But by placing your thoughts on God, you remove yourself from your difficulties and enter into a state of peace and rest. It’s not that your problems go away, it’s that you are no longer being controlled by them, and it is through this ‘calm-minded state’ that you are able to receive directions on what actions to take to get you out of your situation.

Notice how I said, “receive direction on what actions to take”. Most people expect someone else to do the work for them, in all situation in their lives. Yes, miracles do happen, but more often than not, we need to walk out of the messes we’ve created ourselves; and we can do that, and the Divine knows the best way how to do that.

A better way to live is to make your life a continuous state of prayer and meditation. If you keep your thoughts on things like “God and I are one” or “As God is, so am I in this world”, you will be less likely to get into messes in the first place.

We have unlimited access to the power and knowledge that flows through the universe, and the way you access it and have it change your life, is to use it.

You ALREADY have the key, you just need to unlock the door!


Be well and peaceful everybody,

Billy Atwell

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