Gary Coxe discusses how to rewire our minds and behaviors

Life Strategist and Author of Don't Let Others Rent Space in Your Head

Gary Coxe

Want to know how to make lasting changes in your life? Gary Coxe discusses what you need to do to achieve that. Click now to listen in and learn how.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, Life Strategist and Author of Don’t Let Others Rent Space in Your Head, Gary Coxe teaches us we are made-up of our thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. Listen into this conversation and you will learn:

  • Beginning steps on how to re-wire our minds and emotional hard-drives.
  • Mastering our responses to emotional triggers is very important.
  • It’s not enough to change your story, you must BELIEVE in your story to see change.
  • Remember: This type of change is a way of life.

Gary Coxe is a business and life strategist who is recognized for his life changing programs. His goal is to help others live an extraordinary life with lasting results.

He is the author the books, Don’t Let Others Rent Space in Your Head: Your Guide to Living Well, Overcoming Obstacles, Winning at Everything in Life, and You Can’t Fillet a Nibble. It’s the Catch that Counts.

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