Derek Doepker discusses overcoming fear and avoiding regrets

Author of Break Through your BS and Excuse Proof Fitness Founder

Doubt holding you back? Break Through Your BS Author Derek Doepker discusses fear, subtle doubt and avoiding regrets. Listen in now.

In this episode of FEAR NOT,  I interviewed the author of Break Through Your BS and founder of Excuse Proof Fitness, Derek Doepker about overcoming fear, subtle doubt and avoiding regrets. In this honest exchange, you will learn:

  • How to use mind chatter as an asset against fear.
  • To use fear to push your forward out of your comfort zone and avoid regrets.
  • How to be more focused on your cause then your comfort, which will help to drive you toward your goals.
  • That with the right strategies, anyone can develop more self discipline and self confidence.

Derek Doepker is a former rock guitar player turned author of the #1 bestselling book Break Through Your BS and Why You’re Stuck: You Guide to Finding Freedom From Any of Life’s Challenges. He is also the founder of Excuse Proof Fitness, and an Independent Team Beach-body Coach.

Derek specializes in helping intelligent people burdened with endless mind chatter develop self-mastery and emotional connection with clever mind games. Growing up, Derek ate fast food every night, hated exercise, was dead broke. After deciding he was meant for something greater, Derek went on a search to figure out how to change his life. He discovered the problem wasn’t him, it was his thinking and strategies that was keeping him stuck. Using the tips Derek picked up from studying psychology, he got in the best shape of his life, started his own business, and broke through many of the limiting beliefs that had kept him stuck for years.

He believes transforming the world begins with transforming oneself through knowledge and understanding of our psychology. After learning the simple strategies to reprogram his habits and stay fit on a busy schedule and limited budget, Derek made it his mission to share the clever and cutting edge insights he’s discovered with others striving to get and stay fit for life.

Derek is committed to empowerment, enlightenment, and compassion toward others.

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