Debra Stangl talks about her fear of dying unhappy and frustrated

Author of The Journey to Happy

Debra Stangl

Are you unhappy and frustrated with life? Debra Stangl shares with us her journey to happiness and what it took to get there. Click now to listen and learn more.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, author of Journey to Happy, Debra Stangl shares her journey of what she did to become happy. Listen into this conversation and you will learn:

  • Define fear as “Friendly Energy Announcing Risk.”
  • Don’t run or “push-down” fear; this causes problems.
  • EFT and Breathe-work can help you through your fears.

20 years ago, Debra Stangl was a highly successful, sought-after divorce attorney who appeared on the outside to have it all. But behind the façade, she was burned out, 40 pounds overweight, $50,000 in debt and in an unhappy marriage. She told me her biggest fear then was that she was going to die unhappy and frustrated.

She faced her fears, came to the new age Mecca of Sedona, AZ for the first time and everything changed. Fifteen years ago she founded Sedona Soul Adventures, doing custom designed retreats in Sedona.

Last year Debra became an Amazon #1 International Best Selling author, with her book, “The Journey To Happy – How Embracing The Concept That Nothing Is Wrong Can Transform Your Life”.

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