Anthony Butto talks about how we should view fear

Personal Health Coach and Author of Self-Evolution

Anthony Butto

Think fear is holding you back? Personal health coach and author Anthony Butto, discusses with us a new way to view fear. Listen in now.

In this episode of FEAR NOT, author and personal health coach Anthony Butto helps us to rethink fear. Listen into this honest conversation, and you will learn:

  • Fear is a tool to help you find your personal power.
  • Fear is there to help serve you as well as help you grow.
  • When you truly know who you are, fear weakens its grip on you.
  • Avoiding fear only makes things worse.
  • Write out your fears to understand what their root cause is.

Anthony Butto is an author and personal health coach. He also has a passion and purpose to help men and women become stronger individuals so that they have more confidence, self-worth, and happiness in their lives.

He is also the founder of Journey Evolution. Journey Evolution is dedicated to helping people become the best version they can be through a process of education, engagement, as well as evolution.

Finally, his recently published book, Self-Evolution: Break Free and Discover The Real You, helps individuals who are feeling lost, without direction or purpose, or who may be lacking motivation. The book helps them to look deep down within themselves and approach difficult questions, questions they may have been putting off their whole-life.

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2 thoughts on “Anthony Butto talks about how we should view fear

  1. This is absolutely incredible. If you ever have self doubt, low self esteem or no purpose anthony butto is such a great inspiration and coach. You owe it to yourself and others to those that love you to explore the author and coach Anthony Butto. Check him out. You are worth it